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What is "dried meat" commonly known as in Afrikaans?


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  • 06-12-2016, 04:54 PM
    Ron Burgundy

    Re: Scammers info share

    Maxi Bester
    Around March 2013
    User : VenoMZ
    Name : Matthew
    Item : Gigabyte HD 5870
    Cell : 082 212 7421

    M Du Preez Smart Account - 62351063640 was his account details he gave me, as it is older than 90days I cannot get full details on FNB ...
    user: britz
    Acc. 62389717722
    Code. 250655
    Type. Savings
    Johan Kotze
    Account Number:62597869547
    Account type:Savings
    Branch Code:250655
    060 621 5268
    43 Erica Road
    Business Savvy
    044 874 5069
    Case # CAS 198/3/2016
    the payment was made about 6:00AM monday morning 14/03/2016
    user: TvZy
    Bank: FNB
    Account Number: 62597869547
    Account Type: Savings
    Branch Code: 250655
    Bank: FNB
    Account Number: 62592942257
    Account Name: WD Badenhorst
    Branch Code: 250655
    Account Type: Savings
    The username that was used on site: IsmaelR
    The real "fake" name that was provided: Ismael Ramos
    The banking details: FNB, Acc: 62599495978, Branch: 250655, Savings
    Where proof of payment was supposed to be sent to: Email:
    The amount that was stolen: R550
    Cell number if provided: 078 971 6065
    Where courier was supposed to be sent to: N/A
    Case number, if a case was opened:
    The date the scam occurred: 27/03/2016
    Any more info and proof that can be provide: He said he's from Bloem
    Username: IsmaelR
    Name: Ismael Ramos
    Banking Details:
    Bank: First National Bank
    Account Number: 62599495978
    Branch Code: 250655
    Account Type: Savings
    Email Address:
    Amount: R150
    Your Reference: Lordofchoas GTS (or something like that so they know its for me)

    Amount: R150
    Cellphone: 082 253 5487

    De Bruyn & Associates Auditors
    Block 9
    Boardwalk Office Park
    Boardwalk Boulevard
    Faerie Glen

    Case number: No case has been opened yet.

    Date: First communication: 17/03/2016
    Date of EFT: 17/03/2016
    Last communication: 24/03/2016

    Additional Info: Said he has an account with Absa and FNB.
    FNB Cheque account was R120 in the red.
    Provided a family members banking details, that is where the EFT was sent to.
    Says he works till 12:00, then he goes home.
    Name: Danie M van Zyl
    Cell: 0636898659
    ID: ⁠⁠⁠8608219381086
    Address: 23 West Street Pretoria North (and then 2 min later "Correction 210 West street is my address").
    Works at: Pretoria North Police Station (already called there and they don't have a male "van Zyl").
    Commanding Officer: Lt. Ndlovu

    Bank: FNB
    Account Name: DM van Zyl
    Account Number: 62605599482
    Account Type: Savings
    Branch: 250655
    Bank: FNB
    Account Holder: JD Steyn
    Account Number: 62609324702
    Account Type: Savings
    Branch Code: 250655
    Ref: Henry@soundblaster
    Cellphone number:*0710512965
    Name: Siyasanga Mabokela

    Address: (Previous) 1198 Dimbaza,
    Kwa Dimbaza
    King Williams Town

    Cell: 0798225454
    Cell: 0727468860
    Home Number: 0406562266

    E-Mail Address:
    E-Mail Address:
    E-Mail Address:

    Skype Address: siyasanga88

    Twitter account: Siyasanga (@SiyasangaM88) | Twitter

    Banking Details:
    Bank: FNB
    Account: 62348722118
    Branch: 25065500

    ID Number: 880416 5745 08 1

    Police Case: CAS 375/4/2016
    -The username that was used on site

    -The real "fake" name that was provided
    Bertrum Engelbrecht

    -The banking details

    -Where proof of payment was supposed to be sent to. ( This is a real person got a mail back from him when I got suspicious)

    -The amount that was stolen
    Did not happen, my car got written off

    -Cell number if provided
    078 971 6065
    -Where courier was supposed to be sent to
    no Post net
    -Case number, if a case was opened
    -The date the scam occurred
    12-16 April 2016
    -Any more info and proof that can be provide
    Voice recording and WhatsApp history.
    Number he contacted me on Whatsapp - 0838856670 ( last time been online since we spoke), then the number that he said i could ewallet the money to (supposedly his fiances number) - 0763393885.
    Full name given - Pierre Grundlingh

    Banking Details
    Bank FNB
    Account Name: PW Grundelingh
    Account Number: 62625061528
    Branch Code: 250655
    Account Type: Savings

    July 2016
    Bank: ABSA
    Account Holder: JR Janse van Rensburg
    Account Number: 9233172736
    Account Type: Savings
    Post any new info below
  • 14-03-2016, 04:31 PM
    Ron Burgundy

    Scammers info share

    So since myBB decided they support scammers and deleted this thread: MyBroadband

    I've decided to start collecting there info from all previously scammed people on carb.

    Please PM me the following:

    -The username that was used on site
    -The real "fake" name that was provided
    -The banking details
    -Where proof of payment was supposed to be sent to
    -The amount that was stolen
    -Cell number if provided
    -Where courier was supposed to be sent to
    -Case number, if a case was opened
    -The date the scam occurred
    -Any more info and proof that can be provide

    The most important are banking details and cell numbers because those are registered to id numbers.

    Please also vote if you want it to be shared publicly or just kept between staff to share with those who ask for it.
    You can all discuss this issue here:

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