"Unknown Network Error" when downloading
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    "Unknown Network Error" when downloading

    Hi all, yes i know i started a new thread on this but it indeed needs its own attention!
    Okay, so as a few of you know already i was having trouble downloading the BFBC2 patch which was 2.45GB... i got a "unknown network error" half way through the download every time i tried.. (downloaded the patch at work and it worked fine when i put it on my pc)
    Ive read a bit about this issue and some say its Google Chrome and others say it has something to do with anti-virus programs blocking downloads and that i must just disable it..
    I tried with internet explorer and i was on the AVG trial which expired before i started doing the downloads... (i recently reformatted my PC)

    Any suggestions???

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    Re: "Unknown Network Error" when downloading

    why not just use a autoresumse downloader plug in? no need to restart downloads.

    THis happens more often then you think and people just redownload it.
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